Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016 at 08:39AM by advodna_dave

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Big news!!!! Okay, I guess that could be misleading since the news is actually just that we stopped by the @tiger_adventure_vehicles shop this morning. We saw one of these awesome rigs on the road on the FL and when we googled them, realized they were made in South Carolina. We've read a lot about the Traveling Tortugas who have taken one of these to far away places on the globe and wanted to take a look. You know, can't hurt to look. Like, just in case... Well, turns out they're pretty awesome. Love the floorplans with an L-shaped couch that converts to a dinette and full bed plus a cab over bed that's perfect for kids. Super efficient design, well-equipped with batteries/solar/storage tanks and built on any capable truck you choose. We'll take one Malayan HT on a 4x4 crew cab F550 please. #adventuremobile #tigeradventurevehicles #overland #plustheyrealuminum #airstream #truckcamper