Our Favorite Toddler Gear for the Airstream

We get a lot of questions about logistics for living with kids on the road in 200 sq ft, so we put together a list of some of our favorite toddler gear for the Airstream (baby list here). Of course, it doesn't hurt that Amazon pays us a little bit each time someone buys off this list, but feel free to buy anywhere that works for you or get in touch with any questions!

We searched for a while to find something that set up quickly and packed down small. This one's got not poles to insert or anything. Goes up a bit like an umbrella. Great for playing outside at a campsite or bringing to the beach or park for some shade.
For some reason, if you search Amazon for this rug, it's a lot more expensive, but use this link that we used for a much better deal. We got the 5x7 which provides a lot of space up and out of the dirt with roads and buildings to use while playing. We keep one basket of toys that's easy to drag outside and just dump on the rug. While it has a backing and more "wooly" feel, it's dried out fine the few times it's gotten rained on. Not particularly light or compact, but we've loved having this to throw out for an instant outdoor playroom.
So more likely than not, you're gonna need some kind of nightlight. We have a 12V "cigarette lighter" socket near the kids' bed and this USB powered, LED light plugs right into any USB 12V adapter. It draws about 0.1 amps an hour which means you've got no problem leaving it on all night while boondocking. Now, for the price, it's not the most durable. Full disclosure, we've been through two in two years, but if you can keep little hands from twisting the "gooseneck" that allows it to be positioned, it's a great addition to the toddler bedroom.
We liked this booster seat 'cause it was just no nonsense. No high sides, no waist straps to fight with kids over or clean yogurt out of. On the cushion of the dinette, it puts little ones right up to table level (and collects some of the aforementioned yogurt) on the way down to your upholstery.
After having another brand of these that tended to be a real finger trap, we found this one with more rounded edges. Folds up flat to stash but still easy enough (with a little practice) for a little one to deploy for climbing up onto the bed or dinette, getting a closer look as dinner's being prepped or bellying up to the bathroom counter to brush teeth. Airstream ProTip: I use it to get a little extra height to grap the loop to pull out the awning instead of using that infernal awning pole.
This seat replaces the cheap plastic seat on your Dometic toilet and adds a drop down kid size potty seat. Plus, the adult seat is a whole lot nicer than the plastic one that came with ours. This mod is a no-brainer for parents of toddlers who don't want to keep an entire separate Paw Patrol themed potty seat in their already cramped trailer bathroom.