Our Favorite Baby Gear for the Airstream

We get a lot of questions about logistics for living with kids on the road in 200 sq ft, so we put together a list of some of our favorite baby gear for the Airstream (toddler list here). Of course, it doesn't hurt that Amazon pays us a little bit each time someone buys off this list, but feel free to buy anywhere that works for you or get in touch with any questions!

A hook-on high chair is key for the trailer. Works great off the dinette (don't worry about the leg, it'll hold) and this particular model has minimal potential for you bashing your knees under the table. We've used it either off the end of the table hanging into the walkway or in an inside position on the dinette over the bench seat. Also great to take with you while visiting friends or grabbing a VRBO for a week.
You've done all your research setting up your mobile internet solution and internal network to run your Apple TV, now add one of these to it for your baby monitor. There are several apps for your phone that can view the video stream and with a directional antenna on the roof, you can even point your network across a few campsites over the fire ring at the neighbors or into the living room of the nice couple who's allowing you to moochdock in their driveway.
This is another one it took us a long time to discover. Key features are the drop down side and low profile for slipping under overhead cabinets. These work perfectly on a bed in the trail and save your back cause you don't have to heft the little ones up and over the sides of regular porta-cribs or risk waking them if you're trying to negotiate a delicate transfer. Plus, if you need to take a trip out of the trailer, flying to Hawaii for a week or maybe doing a VRBO, these pack up small and come with a bag. They're pricey but worth every penny.
Say goodbye to your Pottery Barn dark cherry changing table with an organic cotton cover for the memory foam pad and an integrated baby wipe warmer. In the trailer, every space has to have at least two uses. For us, this rolled up pad tossed out on the bed is a great alternative to all that. We've got some IKEA bins that hang on rods mounted on the wall above to hold dipes, wipes and powder. The pad rolls up and tucks into one when we're not using it. And people wanna know a secret? We just wrap used dipes up tight (you know that trick to use the velcro strips to get all the yuck inside) and toss them in the trash in the kitchen. In the trailer, that trash needs to be emptied so often, there's not really any time for that eye-watering smell to build up like in a diaper pail.
So the bottom pan of our shower actually holds about 12 inches of water, plenty for two under 4's to play happily while mom and dad sit on the couch looking at their phones. Oh closely monitor through the open bathroom door. But this pad is more of a Trailer Baby kinda thing. Just a soft place to lie them down and fill the bottom of the shower with a bit of perfectly luke warm water. The hand held shower also works great for rinsing kids' hair. Wring the foam pad out and hang it on some hooks and you're ready for next week's bath.