Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 17, 2016 at 03:05PM by advodna_dave

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This day kinda sucked. It started with the 4 yr old not following directions which resulted in "consequences" of losing the iPad for the drive today which actually ended up being more of a punishment for us which led to short fuses all around, especially when compounded by a missed nap for the toddler and traffic on the road. And then we opened the door to find this. Apparently, the fridge hadn't been clicked closed and swung open, likely repeatedly, with enough force to bend the pins that keep it in place enough for it to slip out and crash onto the floor and eject the fridge contents. Add the new planter to hold the assorted plants Wynne insists on bringing home from the supermarket that I made from the scraps left over from the spice rack falling off the dinette (we forgot to put it away) and dumping dirt everywhere, and it was a freakin' mess. But instead of pushing us over the edge, we just had to laugh. I went right to work removing the freezer door and clamping the bent fridge pins against the metal fire ring with vice grips so I could mangle them straight with a hammer while @advodna_ann and the kids swept up the dirt and collected stray hard boiled eggs from the floor. Within 20 minutes, we had everything back together and for some strange reason, felt like the first part of the day had never happened. I guess we just needed a destroyed trailer to reminded us of what it feels like when we're all working together. #airstream #disairganization #liveriveted #myrivetedlife #lifeontheroad #realtalk