Saturday, October 24, 2015

October 24, 2015 at 05:56PM by advodna_dave

Has anyone else's Instagram been a little "buggy" today? 😜 I'd feel worse about posting a pic if the girl at the farm this afternoon didn't offer us a discount if we liked them on our "Facebooks." In the evening, we checked out a recommendation from @hairventures of Der Dutchman but found a line along the entire front of the building (must be good!) which wasn't gonna work with two hungry kids. Instead, we dragged ourselves (and the house) to Park St Pizza in the next town which turned out to be only a little less popular. After one look at the line of unhappy people waiting for a table, I made an executive decision; When I walked back outside I told Ann, "I got us a table in the back. It's ready now." We then went to the trailer and sat at the dinette until our take out (or "eat in" the trailer) order was ready. We closed the shades so people wouldn't drool. #itsnotdeliveryitsfulltiming #airstreamandamishbuggyintherearview #amishcountry #amishbuggy