Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hwy 395 South

Airstream: Heading South:

Single skillet meals work great in the Airstream. Tonight we pulled into camp at 4:30 and preheated the oven to 350 before doing anything else. As Ann put the baby down for a final nap, I tossed three pork chops drizzled with a little oil and vinegar salad dressing and soy sauce and some potatoes in the 12" cast iron with a lid and set a timer for 30 mins. Then Wynne and I unhitched the trailer and fed the Iron Ranger while discussing why we shouldn't reach our hands into the long metal pipes used as site dividers. When the timer went off, I moved the skilled to high heat on the stovetop to brown the chops and potatoes (flip the chops one time and mix taters up) and added broccoli and red peppers to steam on top of everything for five minutes or so. An hour after pulling in, dinner was ready! #airstreamkitchen #oneskilletmeal #castiron #heavybutworthit

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Snowy adventure walk this morning. #airstream #liverivited #airstreamwithkids #snowday #mammothlakes

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Ok, just one more... #easternsierras #mammothlakes

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