Thursday, January 22, 2015

Heading South to Meet Friends

Airstream: Heading South:

IMG_4085In mid January, we set up some good family friends as renters for the Farmlet and hit the road headed south to meet some other travelers. While we’ll head north towards Alaska in March, for the next few weeks we’ll explore the East Side of the Sierras, the high desert and hopefully spend some time on the coast.

You may also notice that we’re tweaking the way the blog works a bit. We’ve been finding that we’re able to keep our Instragam feeds (@advodna_dave and @advodna_ann) right up to date, but that it’s challenging (and frankly a bit exhausting) sitting down at the end of a great few days somewhere to go through all the pictures and write up a detailed account, especially as we’ve already arrived at the next great spot. And of course, uninterrupted time while traveling with two kids is always hard to come by.

So, as an experiment, the blog posts for this section of travel will actually be fed from Instagram, the first few through a less-than-perfect after-the-fact embedding method and the rest live updated as we post from wherever we are. And, another nice benefit, now you get to hear a little more from and see through the eyes of Ann with posts from both accounts combined. From time to time, I’ll still sprinkle in some insight and things to remember that won’t be posted to Instragam and will will write longer posts to document mods or other aspects of day to day life. Still, it’s a change and it may not be perfect, but we think it’s a workable solution to keep things more up to date for you all to follow along, and even more important, to help us remember this adventure.