Monday, August 15, 2011

Things are growing…

The tomatoes have taken Ann and the zucchini looks hungry. Some peppers (green and hot), garlic, and onions in this bed as well.


Butter lettuce, carrots coming up in the foreground, corn in the back. Oh and weeds in between.


We’re starting to see where the old joke about locking your car doors during zucchini season comes from. Also plenty of cilantro and basil.


And that’s if you find them before they become the size of cricket bats. Fortunately, Petunia likes ‘em.


In some empty space in the box with the sunflowers, Ann and her mom had planted some potatoes. Only problem was, now three or four different kinds of plants were sending stalks through the soil, and we had no idea which was the potato. After taking some iPhone pics and comparing them with Google images, this was the winner. As winter approaches, the plant will start to store nutrients in its roots to support it through the cold season. Unfortunately for it, we’ll dig those roots up and use them to support us through the cold season.


I really like this lettuce. And I’m an iceberg kinda guy. It’s almost soft and sweet – no thorns and bitter taste like the stuff you get at a fancy restaurant – but still crisp and with all the vitamins. 



My strawberries (HOORAY, STRAWBERRIES! Not hard to find takers for those) are doing well. The first yield has been small but enough to try one each time we walk out to the garden or let friend’s kids pick a few. In the late summer, the plants should shift their energy into sending out runners which will establish their own roots and create a good size berry patch for next year.


Also I pieced together a compost bin from the crate my pull-behind mower came in. Side note, it wasn’t until after the forklift driver dropped it on my trailer that I realized I didn’t have anyway to get it off. I ended up using a come-a-long attached to the ATV to winch it off. At first, it just dragged the ATV backwards, knobby tires leaving slow-speed skid marks.



A few modifications and some chicken wire and voila! Now I just have to keep it wet, turn it regularly and fine tune the mix of nitrogen rich greens and carbon rich browns.


Oh and the sun garden is really pretty right now as well. There seems to always be something new blooming out there.



What else, what else? Oh, I made some rosemary potatoes with a couple sprigs from the HUGE – think VW bus – rosemary bush. I had to Google it to make sure all rosemary was edible to be sure I didn’t poison us.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot! This is big news! Ann power washed the front fence. I think it looks a lot better.


Oh, and she’s four months pregnant. Due Jan 11th. So, that’s gonna be good… ;~)