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After a little over two years living in our 25' Airstream trailer from August 2014 to October 2016, we were feeling the need for a change. In November 2016, we returned to Petaluma, CA and moved into an 860 sq ft house we'd been having remodeled while on the road. And while the house turned out exactly as we'd hoped and we love being close to friends and family, a block from our favorite park and able to explore some hobbies like woodworking and tinkering on vintage motorcycles, settling down was not quite the idea.


In the past, we'd been making HUGE moves like packing up an SUV and heading south on the Pan American Highway and then swinging wildly back the other way and buying a 4 acre Farmlet and pretending to be farmy homesteading types. This time, we had a vision for a more balanced approach, one that would blend restful time at home and connection to friends, family and community with our curiosity about pretty much everywhere else in the world and the desire to get out and experience it for ourselves and for our kids. I suppose a "home/roadschooling" post should be forthcoming... standby.

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Some of those experiences might not take us more than a couple hundred miles from home, like the weeks we've been spending this winter up in Tahoe teaching the kids to ski (and reminding ourselves), but others will take us farther abroad; This Fall, we'll meet up with another like-minded family (BackroadBennetts!) for a 10 day drive around the Loop Road in Iceland in campervans. From there, our family will continue on to Amsterdam and Paris and then for a drive down the coasts of Britanny and Bordeaux, across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostella, and down the coast of Portugal for 10 weeks.

This time, we'll return home for the holidays with family and another season of skiing, but wouldn't it be fun to spend a month skiing in Switzerland? Or buy a camper in Europe and explore Italy and Croatia? Or take it up for a tour of the UK? Or Scandinavia? Or fly to San Miguel de Allende for a Spanish immersion? Or build an adventure trailer and camp the Baja Peninsula? Yeah, so, we've got ideas... and of course, we also still look forward to impromptu BBQ's and family movie nights back home and, yes, the Airstream will still figure prominently. In fact, we'll be spending the month of April in the Airstream heading out to Utah to meet up with nomadic friends and take in the spectacular landscape.  

For now, we'll be updating this blog and our primary Instagram accounts at @advodna_dave and @advodna_ann mostly only when we're traveling, and have created a second Instagram account for more of our personal day-to-day at home, @smallhousedna. If you're interested in following along on the home front or just want to say hi, drop us an email or message us on IG and introduce yourself.