Sunday, December 30, 2018

Best 9

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Alright let’s do this! Best nine of 2018. . Top Row: A cold morning in Fernie, BC as we attempt to extend the Canadian camping season; Mt. Shasta looming in the background after driving north through hills still smoking from a yet another CA wildfire; Crater Lake viewpoint where Wynne said “Wow, this is the first time you’ve made us get out of the car to see an adult thing and it really was cool.” . Middle Row: Most of the ROAMSchool 2018 crew (@backroadbennetts, @his.tinyasscamper / @her.tinyasscamper, @simplylivingmore /@danielpoint but missing @this.old.trailer / @weelittlenomads) boondocking for a night after fleeing an early winter in Banff; Lunch stop while waiting for the ferry across Slocan Lake with @simplylivingmore/@danielpoint that ended up being our holiday card picture; #itsnotalways🌈and🦄 campground experience in Seattle. . Bottom Row: Dang, life in a trailer sure felt familiar despite some time away, especially in this awesome spot in Port Townsend; One of many spectacular sunsets at PT, one of which we spent inside @professionalwanderers’ trailer making fresh pasta with @campingwiththekemps, soon after visiting @big_big_trip/ @big_big_trip_anna on Whidbey Island; The last miles of our four day blast from California to Banff after a broken arm on a 4 yr old delayed us by three weeks. . 2018 was about what we’d imagined when shifting from full time Airstreaming to being a #halftimefamily. Skiing/Mountain Life -> International Travel (Guanajuato!) -> Home -> Trailer Travel (ROAMSchool 2018!) and 2019’s lining up to be more of the same! . We continue to be indescribably grateful for the life we’re able to lead, for the friends we’ve made on the road and for the friends and family who support us through it all. Happy New Year e’rybody!

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