Monday, November 5, 2018


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Campfire talk among nomadic types often includes dreams of buying a secluded piece of property 10 miles up a dirt road, but honestly, I’ve always felt it was pretty easy to just drive our trailer into a National Forest or out onto BLM land to feel remote. What’s hard is finding a place to park our trailer in a little town, within walking distance of a coffee shop or two, a bar, a pizza place and some shops to poke around. That’s why when we decided to setup a part-time home base, we bought a little house in a town. . Port Townsend is kinda the exception. Within a few minutes walk from the trailer, the kids were playing on the waterfront, and I had a coffee in my hand. We wandered around until we could justify a delicious lunch at the Owl Spirit Cafe, after which we played a while longer at another public water access area (yeah, and more coffee at Better Living through Coffee). Across the street, the woman making dresses in Seams to Last walked us through details on a few sewing projects we’d been planning and helped us choose some awesome fabric. Then a little more playing while Ann prowled the book stores and short walk back home, watching then docks for otters and looking at the sailboats (the *other* nomad campfire topic). Oh, and we even have awesome neighbors @professionalwanderers #porttownsend #airstream #pairstream

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