Thursday, October 4, 2018


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This morning, we bundled up and walked down to the lake where our ROAMSchool group performed the play they’ve been working on under the direction of @backroadbennetts, and soon after, we said goodbye to @weelittlenomads and @airstream_charleston who needed to start towards their next destination. . The rest of the morning was spent doing life admin (emails, bills, organization) in the trailer until lunch. Later, I took the girls down to the lake to make prints of fall leaves with crayons and look for driftwood treasures, but the field trip was cut short when Mae let loose approximately 4 gallons of pee into her jeans and boots. It might have been more than that, but either way, no one was very happy. . In the afternoon, we drove into town to drop off my bike for service, poke around the multitude of “Montana vibes” shops and grab a treat at the bakery. A block away, we played family freeze tag in the park by the train depot until the adults’ lungs were burning and stopped before we hurt ourselves. . Around the corner from the bookstore where each girl got to pick out some new reading (Wynne a chapter book and Mae a pop-up), we met @his.tinyasscamper, @her.tinyasscamper, @simplylivingmore and @danielpoint1 for a quiet dinner for 11 where kids outnumbered parents. . We’re doing a lot of brainstorming on how to refine our family caravan/ROAMSchool concept, but today was a great mix of independence and community, and in a beautiful spot. . #airstream #airstreamfriends #andcasitafriendsjeezadamsettledown #liveriveted #mynotsorivetinglife #reallifeairstream #airstreamwithfoliage #aluminumfoilage #roadschool #worldschool

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