Friday, August 31, 2018


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In the past, the only plants we’ve had in the Airstream have been some bromeliads we found on a hike in the Florida panhandle and a revolving series of houseplants all named “Aaron the Airstream Plant.” Despite the first Aaron having flourished in the basement of IKEA in Richmond before we scooped it up, we managed to kill it in the trailer. The second Aaron had an equally unlikely origin and equally tragic demise. We even eventually killed the air plant that really only needed, well... air to survive. . But there’s a new Aaron heading out with us this time along with this row of succulents hanging under the vista view window. I channeled my inner @airstream_charleston to cut these open-sided slots for mason jars in an old butcher block that Ann and I had made years ago but kept in a corner of the garage after it split. Some splayed angle brackets on the curved aluminum walls keep it level. . The jars are a nice tight fit (2 9/16” hole saw for 8 oz jelly jars FYI), but I’m taking bets on whether the plants will die when they are ejected from their perches as I bust a u-turn over a dump station curb or from more natural causes, but for now, they’re quite pretty. . #tryingtobeartsy #airstreamrenovation #airstream #liveriveted #myrivetedlife #masonjars #succulents #succulentsinmasonjars #airstreamwithhipsters

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