Friday, March 16, 2018


One from the #itsnotall🌈and🦄 file: While the town is as beautiful as the pictures and there have been some highs, out first 10 days have also been a challenge. Ann spent the first few days completely knocked out by the virus she’d just finished nursing the kids thru, then I went down for a couple days after that. We’re both still up throughout the night with a persistent cough and sore throat, and despite layering it with every blanket in the closet, the rock hard bed hasn’t been conducive to sleep. The lack of parks or playgrounds (we don’t really see kids around playing other than at school) hasn’t given us a lot of time off. . Then, finally healthy enough to start a routine, the Spanish school we’d been planning on for the kids was less than inspiring, and we’re getting tired of the same dinner every night from whatever is available at the tiny corner market when we don’t make it downtown. Even my visions of side trips to remote little pueblos are turning out to be longer and more complicated than I’d expected. Fine, first world problems and delicate snowflake and all that (don’t shame me, @zanosaurus 😜), but my mood has been circling the drain. . Enough of these experiences in the past (yeah, bed bugs and leaky toilet in Europe was one) have taught us to find the reset button. First, a re-evaluation of priorities. The kids are already picking up words and phrases all the time. They see us speaking Spanish and hear it all around them everyday. We’re on target. There’s another school in town that looks even better, and we’ll try it next week. If not, we’ll put up a note at the university and find a student to come play with the girls. . [#captionovel continued in comments]

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