Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Last week, we scheduled our usual mini van for the 6:00 am airport run... which we had to cancel at 5:30 when Mae was sick. The driver wasn't suuuuper happy with us. So this time, we call another guy, but he only has a sedan. We suggest he just drive us in our Sequoia with the car seats and big bags and then return it to the house. Then he ends up needing to bring two more people and asks if they can squeeze in the third row. We'd of course get a discount. Fine by us. . He shows up at the house at 6:00 am, but had told the other people 6:30. Fine, we have a little cushion built in. Then traffic is bad and he "takes a shortcut,” even suggesting a route way out into the East Bay which I overrule. Back on route, he takes another weird exit, heading again toward the East Bay, at which point I say, “You do know we’re going to SFO not Oakland, right?” He doesn’t. Of course, the strangers jammed into the way back of our car ARE going to Oakland. I'm like uhhhhhh... We figure out the mistake, drop the stowaways off at a gas station and call em a Lyft (on the driver's bill) as we speed off towards SFO. . By now, we're an hour behind schedule but manage to divide the contents of the three checked bags so that they’re all under the weight limit, sail through security, grab a snack and hit the gate just in time for boarding. Zim's out!!! . #travelwithkids #familytravel #uberbigmistake #lostlyftie

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