Monday, November 20, 2017

Nov 20

Yesterday’s post was about airing dirty laundry, today’s is about carrying around baggage. And yes, once, again, imma break it down both literal and figurative-like... . After all our deliberation about which actual baggage to bring on this 10 week European adventure, we actually ended up with a pretty good system. In addition to the small daypacks we each carried, we had two NorthFace Basecamp duffels that we strapped to two folding luggage carts (search Amazon for “Samsonite Luggage Compact Folding Cart” for a great, cheap one). We could get place to place with one car seat attached upside down on top of each bag/cart. Once we checked in at the airport, the kids could sit in the seats and be wheeled through the airport, or we could load the carts up with backpacks. Oh, and another nice benefit of the duffel-on-a-cart approach was that the bags could easily be folded away in our camper or pulled out to haul an oversized load to the laundromat (or even back from the grocery store). #yesididboth I even used the cart to bring the cassette toilet to the dump a couple times! . And for the other kind of baggage, I’m still trying to figure that stuff out. I completely agree with those of you who commented on the convenience of staying up to date through IG (I don’t often click the blog post links either) and appreciate the support from those who said encouraging things. I think the answer lies in the idea of “micro-blogging,” effectively what many of us have found ourselves doing after falling behind on full blog posts, I just want to develop a way to collect, consolidate and organize those segments from IG into a format that makes it easier to jump back to a specific place or time or even read from the beginning. I have some ideas and now that we’re back in the US, will be playing with some solutions. Keep ya posted. . #travelluggage #familytravel #travelwithkids #emotionalbaggage

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