Sunday, November 19, 2017

Nov 19

I guess today’s not the day to stop airing our dirty laundry on this feed... . In the literal interpretation, the hallway clotheslines in our Airbnb give the impression that the owners are aware that the Euro-style combo washer/dryer (installed in the kitchen, of course - c’mon, Europe!) does not actually get clothes dry, though hopefully the moist heat was sufficient to nuke any remaining bed bugs. . And figuratively, as this adventure comes to a close, we’ve been wrestling with the emotions that always come with transition. Our minds start going to the next thing and everything in the present starts to feel like drudgery, all the more frustrating when we should still be enjoying where we actually are. But we’re tired after a lot of logistics and change, and could probably use a date night and a sleep-in day, too (we’re comin’ your way, Grammie!). . We’ll head to the airport tomorrow morning at 7:30 and spend about 8 hours on a plane to Boston. After which, I think I may take some time away from social media to rethink my approach. Do my #captionovels work on a platform like Instagram? Should I reorganize the blog and build on that? Or maybe compile everything that’s there into some other format? Am I fishing for people to tell me to keep doing it one way or another? Will the deafening comment silence below confirm that my captions are TL;DR? 😂 Honestly, I am open to input/advice and appreciate everyone who either takes a quick glance at a pic and likes or reads to the very end... 👋 . Oh and as a bonus for you determined few, I’ll clarify that we were so tired today that we let the girls “play ghost” by running up and down the hallway with their blankets on their heads. What could go wrong? #sisterhoodofthetravelingparents

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