Friday, November 17, 2017

Nov 17

The hardest part of moving out of McLouis may have been processing all the kids’ artwork from the last 5 weeks. We bought a 500 sheet brick of printer paper in France and ended up with a few Eiffel Towers; outlines of Mont St. Michel traced with the side window as a back light; auroch, horse and mammoth “cave paintings;” lots of “family portraits;” and reams of sketches of whatever happened to be on the day’s episodes of Wild Kratts (the heron spreading its wings to make a shadow so it was easier to see the fish below the surface was a favorite). Not to mention shells, rocks, sticks and of course, elements of their Halloween costumes that had to be subject to close review before making it into the bags to bring home. . Tho transition logistics couldn’t have gone much better. Only 20 minutes late to meet the lady for the Airbnb, found a spot for McLouis just up the block (complete with a random dude implying a tip for having “shown us” the obviously vacant spot); had everything including duffels, car seats and fridge/pantry contents shuttled into the apartment in three or four trips, picked up the rep from the camper rental company at the airport 15 minutes away and had him drop me off 15 later; and walked right out the door into the impossibly narrow historic cobbled streets of old town Lisbon for a nice dinner. . We’re looking forward to not leaving the ten block radius around this apartment and enjoying staying still for a few days right in the middle of everything before the flight back to the US. . #familytravel #travelwithkids #lisbon

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