Thursday, November 16, 2017

Nov 16

Our last night in McLouis, the 20 ft rental camper that’s carried us from Amsterdam to Southern Portugal over the past 5 weeks. During our time with him, we’ve learned how to empty cassette toilets (and fix leaks in them); the difference between gazole, gasóleo and diesel (spoiler alert: they’re all the same); that propane connections in Spain and Portugal are not only different from each other but from the rest of the EU; that “ausfarht” means “exit” in German (and while I’m being immature, Portugal has a tire store called “Pneus”); and it’s impossible to “sleep tight” when you’re trying to not let the bed bugs bite. . It’s been an epic road trip, but the pace was a bit grueling. Each day, we either had something we wanted to see/explore or we drove. And while the camper has been a great way to get an overview, we’ve been missing the ability to easily get right into the heart of cities, and walking or riding a bike to get around. Honestly, without kids, it might be a lot easier to grab a cab or a bus from a campground outside a city and hang out for the whole day into the late evening, but for us, getting place to place can be exhausting and the late-shifted European meal schedule is tricky. . But this year is about experimenting with some different family travel, and this trip has left us with a desire to explore in one location for a longer period of time and become more part of the community. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we have planned for Spring, three months in Guanajuato, Mexico taking Spanish classes and enjoying the UNESCO World Heritage city! . #familytravel #travelwithkids #adventuresofdaveandannandmclouis #hesaidausfarht

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