Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Oct 31

A few days ago, we started panicking a little about Halloween. Last year, we’d scheduled the entire final leg of our two years in the Airstream around getting back to Petaluma in time for Halloween. Even better, we’d both best friends from home and road friends @livingistheadventure/@h_livingistheadventure with us. The kids had loved it. . This year, we Googled “Halloween in France” and determined that enthusiasm for it was hit and miss, many people feeling it was an “American holiday” and hence being dismissive. Nevertheless, we’d stopped on our drive yesterday at a larger supermarket and scoured the single display of Halloween plastic stuff to assemble the beginnings of a couple costumes, a Viking for Wynne and a pirate for Mae. . Last night, we’d wound into the hills of Bordeaux, following GPS coordinates down one lane roads to a campsite close to some prehistoric cave paintings. We’d arrived in the dark, honestly not even sure if we were near a village. This morning, Wynne and I walked toward a cluster of buildings and found the sign pic 2. Google Translate’s “live” translation isn’t perfect, but it told us enough about the evening’s activities to be relieved and excited. . After completing the costumes with a brown pillowcase from the camper, some grey garbage bags for a Viking hat and belts and a cereal box shield, we gathered with parents of 15 or 20 other kids in front of a local restaurant in the village at 6 pm. When the “Riders of the Vézère” - a miniature pony pulling a cart the kids took turns riding on - showed up, we all marched behind them through the narrow alleys of stone houses, looking for those with “candles” (lights) in the windows and screaming for “bonbons.” Thank you Saint-Léon s/ Vézère! An amazing unexpected Halloween experience! Hope all yours were (or will soon be - time zones) awesome too! . #familytravel #travelwithkids #halloweeninfrance #saintleonsurvezere #sisterhoodofthetravelingparents

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