Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Oct 3

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426km today to get from the south to the north of the country (see map pic 3), but we traversed some beautiful pasture lands, high valleys rich with fall colors and some steaming with fumaroles, dramatic coastline and two tunnels, one 6.4km long under a bay and one much shorter but with only one lane and undecipherable (at least to me and I was leading!) signals. Not sure which was more exciting. . And speaking of exciting, here are some actual transcripts of texts from today’s 11 hours on the road with 6 kids: . Ann: “We’re gonna find a potty stop for Mae. We’ll catch up.” . Jenn: “Making Potty stop” . Tyler: “We stopped for a potty emergency and are just staying put to make lunch. See ya down the road ✌🏼” . Adam: “We’re gonna move on. Mae has cracked open another bottle of yogurt I hear.” . Sarah: “Are you by the fjord or by the bay, Dave?” . Tyler: “Pee stop” . Jenn: “Us too” . #roadtripwithkids #travelwithkids #familytravel #iceland #icelandichorses #icelandichorsesofinstagram #pottytexts #mightnotwanttoclickthat