Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Oct 25

Travel has cycles. Ups and downs that have nothing to do with where you are at that moment, just how you’re feeling. We’ve been at the bottom of one for a few days. The “lowlights” include bed bugs in the camper (don’t worry, they *exclusively* bite me), a distracted near miss in a roundabout, a toilet that continues to leak (clean, we think) water on the floor as we drive, no clean clothes for the kids, crappy internet to research campsites which led us to a dud last night and kids who are just being asked a lot of in the midst of it all. . At times today, we discussed driving directly back to Amsterdam to return the camper and fly to Lisbon for three weeks. We discussed asking our French speaking sister in law call RV repair shops in Britanny for us. We discussed turning on the gas stove and tossing a match into McLouis (okay, fine, I just thought that last one). We discussed leaving the 3 year old on the doorstep of the caserne de pompiers (okay, Ann just thought that last one). . But after an hour on this beach, giving the kids all the time they wanted to make dams of out sand to divert the receding tide and soak their last remaining pairs of pants and undies in sand and saltwater, we left with a plan. We moved the camper to the better campground, used the WiFi there to troubleshoot the toilet issue (which ended up being a plugged drain in the cassette toilet compartment that I cleared with a wire coat hanger), did three loads of laundry (all bedding on extra hot to go with the four new pillows we picked up yesterday after throwing the old ones in a dumpster, dirty towels we’d been using to sop up toilet water on the floor, and fresh undies and pants for all), researched our next couple campsites and let the kids play another two hours on the playground. . Tomorrow’s a new day and here’s to hoping this cycle is on the way up. . #familytravel #travelwithkids #rveurope #notalwaysrainbowsandunicorns

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