Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Oct 25

You don’t have to be @rvlegend to get your rig stuck in some nasty mud while off the beaten track. While he was stuck for 8 hours, I managed to extract ourselves in under 8 minutes. . Okay, fine, the I needed the help of the guy in the next camper over who had been watching my antics for long enough and offered up his traction pads. McLouis may not be pretty, but at least she can get stuck on wet grass. #mohobrag . People have asked a bit about how RV camping in Europe has been. A few notes: . - Campsites in France range from full on resorts with water slides and cabins (most of which closed around 9/30) to “Aires” which are more like most US campgrounds with grassy sites and connections to a shared electric pole via a long cord to basic parking lots (also sometimes called Aires) where you’re allowed to pay for access 24hrs at a time. We’ve paid as much as 35€/night for a resort very close to Paris but are more commonly paying 5-10€/night plus a few euros for a dump. . - RV’s in Europe have cassette toilets where the tank, usually in the 5-7 gallon range, can be removed via a side compartment and carried or wheeled to the WC/chemical toilet dump. Swivel out a tube, remove a cap and tip into the hole while pressing a vent button. The dumps also have water to swish around in the cassette to get everything flowing. Pretty convenient not to have to move the rig to dump the toilet, but you definitely have to do it more often which kinda sucks. . - Grey water is dumped by driving the camper over a grate in the pavement and pulling the valve that releases the contents of the gray tank straight out the bottom. Kinda nice not to have to deal with the “stinky slinky.” Perfect compromise would be the grates for gray and slinky less frequently for black. . - Black and gray dumps are very common, sometimes just in parking lots in a town or by the entrance to any campground. They’re often free with a 1-3€ fee to fill water. . - We’re definitely traveling in the shoulder season so have been able to roll into campsites no more than half full, but I get the impression that several of them are overflowing in July and August. . #rveurope #adventuresofdaveandannandmclouis

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