Monday, October 23, 2017

Oct 23

St. Malo was almost entirely destroyed in the campaign to push the Germans out of France following the D-Day landings. British and American forces believed more than 1000 troops were holed up behind the massive city walls and went as far as using Napalm for the first time. Turned out, there were far fewer than expected inside, but the city was left in ruins. Over the next 15 years, it was completely rebuilt as close to original as possible. . We’ve been battling the constant “can I have’s” from the kids while wandering around touristy towns and even the assurances that we’d “add it to the Christmas list” are getting old. We woke today to a rainy forecast and made the kids’ day by suggesting we might be able to buy them some umbrellas. Of course, we then had to go into every single crap-filled souvenir shop to look for two child-sized ones, and when we came across some, they’d be covered in characters or rainbow colored. . Standing next to a bucket of the cheap rainbow ones, Ann spied something across the street and hurried us all to the other side. In front of that shop, was another bucket with tell-tale curved plastic handles, but when the child-sized umbrellas they were attached to were popped open, they had these cool World maps on them! What better for the #sisterhoodofthetraveling parents to pick up in a historic town in Brittany? . In the end, we swallowed our personal-projections and let them choose what they liked best. . #travelwithkids #familytravel #nomadbreederproblems #stmalo #itdidntrainfortherestoftheday

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