Monday, October 2, 2017

Oct 2

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Me: “Hi, so have you heard anything new about the closure of the Ring Road?” . Girl at Counter: “Ah yes, zee main bridge has been completely collapsed and zee road washed out in several places.” . Me: “Wow, so do they have an idea when it will be fixed?” . Girl: “They say a veek, maybe two veek, but is very easy if you want to get to other side, you just [insert clockwise arm motion and possibly a whistle sound effect] drive around zee country.” . Particularly after seeing the huge bent steel girders from a previous flood (above), we turned back west to get around to the east. It’ll add about 10 hours of driving to the trip, but staying flexible meant a little more time to explore the black sand beach and fragmented sea stacks at Vik, the moss covered bubbles of hardened lava and the dramatic cliffs - many with spectacular waterfalls - flanking lush grazing land filled with sheep wearing puffy wool sweaters and proud Icelandic horses with majestic feathered manes that would make members of Whitesnake put on suits and head to the barber. . #iceland #ringroad #vik