Friday, October 13, 2017

Oct 13

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Our four full days in Amsterdam are coming to a close, just as we’re starting to get the hang of apartment in the Jordaan neighborhood. Okay fine, I still usually walk the wrong direction out of the front door since “walk two blocks, cross a canal and look for the cafe on the corner” could really be any direction, but we definitely know how to get to a cool courtyard playground filled with bikes and scooters. . And of course, there’s been some cultural adjustment, the downside of which was buying something called “wazverzachter” to do the laundry and later figuring out - mostly through the stinky softness of our clothes - that it was actually fabric softener, not soap. Then again, the upside was ordering take out at the Afghan restaurant across the alley, onto to find out that they’d just bring it over to our place one course at a time so we could eat at our dining table, located on the street level of the house like most we’ve peeked into in the neighborhood, as if it was in their restaurant. . Another quirk has been the fact that our entire house is about 12’ wide, owing to the fact that property taxes in Amsterdam are charged based on the amount of street frontage. The result is four floors connected by narrow, *steep* staircases (pic 2). Once nestled in bed at the top, you do *not* want to start wondering if you remembered to lock the front door forty-five 6” steps below! . Today, we rode the bikes down and explored the awesome NEMO science museum. Tomorrow, we pick up the motorhome and head for France! . #amsterdamwithkids #bakfiets #boxbike #cargobike #familytravel #travelwithkids #bikewithkids