Thursday, October 12, 2017

Oct 12

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I’ve been thinking about this day ever since we made the plan to go to Amsterdam. We love our @yubabicycles Spicy Curry at home, the inspiration for which can arguably be traced to classic Dutch “bakfiets” or “box bikes.” Amsterdam is laced with multi-user (car/pedestrian/bike) roads as well as dedicated bike paths flanking the street, complete with their own signal lights. The city is bustling with riders (a few too many of whom are looking down at their cell phones) and sidewalks are packed with the rest of the bikes. When you consider the statistic that there are as many bikes in Amsterdam as residents (+/- 850,000), the fact that they pull over 10,000 of them out of the canals every year doesn’t seem so crazy. Come along for a ride! (sound up for commentary from the girls) #bakfiets #cargobike #boxbike #amsterdamwithkids #sisterhoodofthetravelingparents #distractingmyselffromsonomacountyfires