Friday, September 29, 2017

Sep 29

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Notes from the first days of #vanlife:

- Wish the kids were closer to us while driving. For now, “snack toss” is the name of the game.

- Van rule: No more than one person may stand at one time.

- Transitions are key; drive mode to cook/eat mode to lounge mode to sleep mode and back to coffee mode.

- Best van setups would spin the front chairs. In our layout, we not only have to climb over the kitchen to get to the back, but can’t really use the front seats while camped except for storage.

- Most popular spot in the van is in front of the heater (or behind the back seats with an iPad, even if you have to share with your sister).

- When the rain slows up even for a second, you gear up and get out!

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