Thursday, August 10, 2017

Aug 10

Still trying to figure out how to pack for a family of four for everything from planes to a campervan to taxis and trains. My vision of the minimalist carry-on bags has proven impractical. Just not enough capacity since kids can't carry their own and anyway, I'm not sure *I* even want to carry that much. I figure each adult needs about 45L of capacity (warm clothes and waterproof boots for Iceland are bulky!) and kids need about 25L. The total 140L we need and the desire to keep daypacks light and ready for a hike or city exploration, mean we're considering bigger rollers, a combo of a couple medium rollers or even a duffel on a folding luggage cart. Left to right: Dakine Split EQ 75L (love the two 50/50 zippered sides for keeping each person's stuff organized, we'd need two), our trusty Timbuk2 CoPilot XL (105L and the same clamshell design as the Split, but at that size it's hard to keep under the airline weight restrictions when packed, and we'd still need another small bag), even more trusty North Face Basecamp duffel (95L in the large size, bombproof but one big opening makes organization tough, would roll on a collapsible luggage cart and also has backpack straps, we'd still need another bag) and two Timbuk2 CoPilot Medium rollers (52L each, streamlined bags with 50/50 clamshell openings but not enough space without overloading the day packs, they don't make a L, just S, M and XL). To sum up, we still have no idea. 😂 Fams with young kids (too small to pull a roller or carry their own clothes), what works for you? #familytravel #travelwithkids #travelbackpack #travel #travelluggage

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