Monday, April 24, 2017

Apr 24

For anyone looking for a solution to boost your cell connection while on the road, @weboost asked me to evaluate a new everything-in-one-box solution that I really do think is about 99% there. And yes, this is #sponsored. Well, sorta anyway... . So we've used @weboost (formerly Wilson Electronics) boosters since we started traveling: first a Sleek 4G cradle, then a 4G-M and now a 4G-X. Paired with a decent external omni antenna and, for particularly tricky applications, a directional antenna, they've squeezed (squozen?) a usable signal from some pretty remote places and are what I always recommend to others. . While recently boondocking outside of Zion with about 7 other Airstreams, one of the rigs was having trouble getting a decent connection without a booster, a connection they needed to do the work that allows them to stay on the road. I dug into the back of my wardrobe and pulled out the Drive 4G-X RV kit that WeBoost had sent me to test. Honestly, I hadn't been sure what I was going to do with it, since I already owned the same booster and antenna it came with. . That first day, we jury rigged the pieces together to test everything and immediately salvaged the spotty connection into a strong one for work (and even some NetFlix and Chill after the kids are asleep). So the other day, the owner of the rig completed the install... in a little over an hour on a beach on Lake Powell! . Check out the link in profile to get the info from WeBoost (and yes, we get a kickback if you like what you read) and look at the upper right on the blog at for some more info on what I really like plus the couple small tweaks needed on this handy all-in-one kit that brings together several of the products I've been recommending to folks for a couple years and is a great base for a capable but expandable remote connectivity setup. . #rvinternet #rvconnectivity #workontheroad #airstreamgeekery

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