Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Apr 19

A few days ago, we'd heard enough about the crowds in Moab, so we decided to skip it this trip and divert down Hwy 95 to Natural Bridges National Monument. While we were excited to visit the monument, reading up on the surrounding areas including Arch Canyon, the Bears Ears and some Native American ruins excited us even more. A few catch up pics from our last couple days: . 1. Wasting time at the "House on Fire" ruin where the sun apparently creates a glowing effect on the roof at just the right time of day. I say "apparently" because despite getting there when we're heard it would happen, we and a few other serious photography types waited for about two hours watching the sun approach the dwelling and finally had to give up. . 2. Still a beautiful and powerful site and a nice hike. . 3. The GPS and offline Google Maps showed a connector to Arch Canyon Rd which we'd read boasted views bettering the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, it turns out the most spectacular section of the canyon was to our east, and we just ended up exploring a still-cool dirt road that eventually became narrow and rutted. This pic and some new "Utah pinstripes" on the Sequoia are about all we got out of it. . 4. Towards the bottom of the road, the reserve light went on. A quick evaluation of the options led us 30 miles to Blanding where three things happened. First, we crossed the spectacular Comb Wash, the actual start of the pretty part of Arch Canyon. . 5. Second, a chicken literally crossed the road in front of us in downtown Blanding though we still have no idea why. . 6. And last, we saw a sign for a dinosaur museum which turned out to be really good. As Wynne walked up to this imposing feathered Therizonasaurus, she turned to us and said, "No one press *any* buttons in this room." . #houseonfire #archcanyon #blandingdinosaurmuseum

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