Friday, October 14, 2016

October 14, 2016 at 06:53AM by advodna_dave

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With 4 hours to go last night, we noticed the GPS saying we'd arrive a few minutes after 10:00, even after gaining an hour somewhere in North Dakota. At that point, we realized that if there was a chance of a gate into the campground at Teddy Roosevelt National Park being locked, it would be locked at 10:00. A few more (safely added) MPH, and we dropped our arrival to 9:57. Then we realized we'd just mapped to the town at the entrance of the park, not the campground. We rolled into town minutes to 10:00, and just as we spotted the park entrance, the fuel reserve light binged on. No stopping now. Through the open gates, a sign for the campground said 5 miles. We drove as quickly as the rough road and absolute darkness would allow, held our breath as we found the turn into the campground and exhaled when we saw the closed gate. Luckily, the other loop was still open. 585 miles yesterday. 9 hours of driving (took us 13 with stops). #teddyrooseveltnationalpark #roadtrip #northdakota