Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 12, 2016 at 10:25AM by advodna_dave

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Our contractor is in a mad dash to have our house ready for our return. In reality, it doesn't really matter since we can moochdock in our own driveway during finishing touches, but it looks like just a few things will be left. . The last couple days have been settling on an exterior color. The house is already yellow but we're taking the need for a recoat as an opportunity to go a bit bolder. There's another house in Petaluma with the exact color we want - and an Airstream parked in the driveway no less! - but they're actually refusing to tell us the color 'cause they don't want another house (6 blocks away!) with the same color. Now it's my personal goal to figure out the color and pay their neighbor $50 so I can put up a sign in their yard with the name of the color and a big arrow pointing towards the unamicable Airstreamers. 👎 . After our contractor texted us some pics of swatches yesterday, I plugged "Benjamin Moore" into Google maps and a store popped up 3 minutes off our route. We pulled the trailer across 7 diagonal parking spaces in downtown Escanaba while Ann ran in and grabbed our own set of samples to consider (picture doesn't show them well). Current favorites for a bold, rich yellow are Sweet Butter and Country Comfort (which would also make a great name for a country band). . #remoteremodel #advodnasmallhouse #sweetbutterandcountrycomfort @benjaminmoore