Friday, September 30, 2016

September 30, 2016 at 05:25PM by advodna_dave

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With the kids happily playing with the thin shards of slate lining the trail carved into the side of the gorge walls, I seized a rare opportunity to get a picture alone with @advodna_ann. I slung my backpack onto one shoulder and clumsily extracted the small portable tripod from the front pocket, a task made all the more challenging while holding the bag of dog poo we'd collected behind Gorilla on the way down. With the iPhone in the tripod balanced on a rock wall, I selected the self-timer setting and pressed the shutter. With only 10 seconds to get in the shot, I dropped everything in my hands, scooped up Gorilla (she's rarely in pictures either) and stepped towards the... POP! Uh, yeah, we're laughing in the shot because I stepped on the bag of dog poo and the air inside blew up the bag. 😂 Luckily, there was no "collateral damage" and we had a spare! #yeswehaveadog #alwayscarrytwobags @earthrated