Thursday, September 8, 2016

September 08, 2016 at 05:59PM by advodna_dave

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Wynne: "Is this our new campsite?" Me: "No, we're just here visiting some new friends ." Wynne: "Do all our friends live in campsites?" Me: "... well..." . Great to finally meet @mo_matthew and @wandering_nation_co at their workamping gig at the beautiful Mt. Desert Campground. With one more year on the road than us, @mo_matthew was relentless at vetting our full-timer legitimacy: comparing destinations, talking about poop and seeing if I could keep my balance on this super long dock after chugging a Heady Topper. Two out of three ain't bad. . Actually, the kids caught crabs and played, we were treated to delicious homemade burgers and hot dogs (both on "circle buns"), had a few beers and made s'mores by the fire. Thanks so much for having us out! #airstreamfriends #nomadiccommunity #maine