Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016 at 10:33AM by advodna_dave

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We got back late last night from the Redwood Ramble, a music fest for about 1000 people that one of my brothers started four years ago. We actually missed the first one since it was thrown together at the last minute and we were in the Airstream in the Canadian Rockies. And we had to skip the second one since Ann was pregnant with Mae and due the Monday after the festival weekend. But last year, we flew down from Alaska for it and this year, home from MA for it. It's not only a great festival in a spectacular location in the Redwoods - plus a lot of fun working with my entire family to put it on - but four days over which we can be sure to reconnect with friends from SF, Marin and Petaluma, all my brothers' friends and folks from past music fests and the bluegrass scene. Then you add friends of all those people we get to meet for the first time, and it has been an incredible social anchor for us while living nomadically. This year, we passed on the offer of one of the coveted cabins, borrowed some family camping gear and, despite having lived primarily in State and National Parks for almost two years, slept in a tent with the kids for the first time. #likeacommoner #festivalvibes #redwoodramble #redwoodramble2016 #nylonwallsprotectnosecrets #tentzippersareloud #ihaveaverysmallbladder