Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June 29, 2016 at 08:02AM by advodna_dave

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Our first week back in CA, we stayed in a one bedroom garden apartment below some good friends in the Outer Sunset. At maybe 500 sq ft, it was perfect for us to transition out of the trailer and think about our 800 sq ft home design, and receiving a package with these awesome "Home" shirts from made it even better. But the best part of course was being right below friends we'd been missing on the road. The kids played with Paw Patrol characters and Wynne slowly got up to speed on Star Wars (she insisted that Chewy was the bad guy, R2D2 could talk and the Stormtrooper was her favorite) which meant the parents actually had some free time. So what did we do? Organized their kitchen drawers, of course! Do you really need all these pencils? How many pairs of scissors do you have? How long have the batteries been stuck in this flashlight crammed in the bottom of the junk drawer? Do any of these plastic containers have tops? Plans for all these corks? These coupons expired in 2012. I honestly couldn't tell if our downsizing experiences had made us the best or the worst house guests. But we loved being back close to friends and involved in their lives, and especially the ability for a last minute pizza night (Paxti's in SF isn't quite Little Star or Zachary's, but it's good!) with the gang. The guys got out instruments and rendered some of our hot hits as best we could with pre-schooler accompaniment on wooden xylophones and overturned pots and pans. I feel like the best way to get kids interested in music is for them to see friends casually playing and enjoying themselves, and it's been a challenge on the road. It's all part of the balance we're trying to tweak, but we've definitely really missed this.