Monday, June 6, 2016

June 06, 2016 at 03:23PM by advodna_dave

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Okay, I'll start by saying thanks to everyone who liked and made nice comments on my last post. This community really is the best, and we're happy to be a part of it. Now back to my usual over-detailed posts about stuff you may or may not care about! So a while ago, we turned our fridge door into a magnetic chalkboard. By now, some of it has scraped off and I need to repaint, so I figured I'd post a little tutorial on how to remove the fridge door (ours is a Dometic) and make one for yourself. 1) Pry the plastic cap off the top of freezer hinge with a knife. 2) Unscrew the hex head pin while holding the nut below 3) Remove the pin which will look like this. You can now open the freezer door (careful, it's not attached at the top!) and lift it off the bottom pin. 4) Unscrew the top fridge door pin, again holding the nut below. 5) The top nut is attached to the pin and looks like this. 6) Remove the top trim on both doors by loosening three screws. 7) Slide the door panels up and out of the channel. 8) Now, if you want it to be magnetic, Google "galvanized sheet metal lowes." Don't waste time with the magnetic paint. You should find 24"x36" sheets for under $10. Trim with tin snips and glue to the back of the fridge/freezer panel (saves the stainless for reverting!) and spray with chalkboard paint (as many coats as you have time for). 9) Let panels dry for 24 hrs and put everything back together! #airstream #airstreamrenovation #airstreamwithkids #chalkboardpaint