Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 05, 2016 at 04:35PM by advodna_dave

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Someone pointed out that we hit 5K followers on IG the other day, which coincidentally comes at a time when we’re questioning why we choose to share so much on social media. Sure, we could say it’s just for us to keep a record of our adventures, and it’s true that through 6 years of blogging - a honeymoon drive SF to Panama in an SUV with a roof top tent, life on “The Farmlet” learning about our food while becoming parents and almost 2 years living and traveling with two kids in a 25’ trailer - I’ve used publishing as a creative outlet, an exercise in processing my thoughts and as a way to reflect on our past, present and future. But there’s also no question that we’ve gained a tremendous amount from the relationships we’ve formed because we’ve shared our story, whether a casual recommendation of a kid-friendly brewery in a new town from an unfamiliar username or the constant support of the virtual community, some of which have evolved into friendships we’ll have for life. From Airstreamers to traveling families to overlanders to vanlifers to motorcyclists to homeschooling moms and dads, having a group of people “along for the ride” has been motivating and reaffirming, sometimes sharing in a great day and other times helping to transform a terrible day into a hilarious one. And of course, it's been a way to keep up with friends and family back home, sharing our experiences and giving them a glimpse into why we’ve chosen this lifestyle. So while I can't quite account for who all of you are (other than those self-described as “Hot Russian Teens ready to chat”), I guess we’re all fulfilling a purpose for each other. I've always found that the people most inspiring to me are the normal people who make exceptional choices, people who make the most of what they have, don’t compare themselves to others unfairly and are happy to see others succeed. I hope we can look back at our stories and feel we've been successful in living a bit that way, and maybe one of you, whether we know you yet or not, might get some inspiration from us. At the very least, you’ll end up with a picture of a shiny trailer, a shot of a cute kid or a laugh at the end of the day. Thanks!