Saturday, May 28, 2016

May 28, 2016 at 06:01AM by advodna_dave

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So the one review on @campendium by @wandering_tim and @wandering_amanda did mention something about a tick infestation at this campground, but we couldn't pass up the proximity to a friend we were visiting and access to the Metro, and figured, how bad could it be? Within minutes of arriving, we pulled the first ticks of each kid. And in the next hour, we pulled about 10 more. Just a moment ago, as I sat on the couch typing this, I looked down to find a tick crawling on my shorts. Sorry for doubting you, Tim and Amanda. All that being said, it really is a nicely located campground, and we rode the Metro info the city twice, parking at the station about 10 minutes away for $6/day. As for the ticks, we figured stripping the kids down to their lily white skin was the best way to spot the little buggers, perfect in the heat anyway, and we found a great naturopathic home remedy called Distilled Enzyme Electrolyte Therapy at the Cabellas. I guess some people just refer to it by the acronym. #itllbeinmycampendiumreview #greenbeltpark #airstreamwithkids #rvwithkids #campingwithkids #nervousticks