Friday, May 13, 2016

May 13, 2016 at 05:15PM by advodna_dave

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I asked the guy at the RV service shop if he had any suggestions for what to do with two kids for 6 hours while the trailer was in the shop. "Dollywood!" So after a down home Pigeon Forge breakfast of eggs and the saltiest ham I've ever tasted (I don't technically need to list "pancakes" since absolutely everything on the menu, even the stuff in the "Lighter Fare" section buried on the back, came with three buttermilk pancakes), we arrived just as the park opened to get "fresh tracks" - along with about 5,000 other cars. The park was actually pretty fun (tho $$$). I think there's always a lot of music there, but they were having a "Bluegrass and BBQ" thing, and within 10 minutes of walking in, we were sitting in a 1/4 full hall watching one of my favorite all-time Bluegrass bands, The Lonesome River Band. After perfunctory face painting for both girls, we put them on every ride they were tall enough for and fed them ice cream for lunch. Unfortunately, we had Gorilla in the car and the cloud cover was starting to heat up the day, or we could have wandered around a bit more. As it turned out, a stop at Kroger for milk and sundries put us back at the shop just as they were finishing the trailer, and we headed out to a full hookup park nearby to meet @upintheairstream for the night which was perfect since we were about due for decent internet, electricity, laundry and sarcastic insults. #dollywood #pigeonforge #lonesomeriverband #lifeontheroad #familytravel #travelwithkids #airstreamwithkids