Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 12, 2016 at 05:27PM by advodna_dave

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You'uns (sorry, been in N.C. for a while) all know about the #instragramcrop, right? The top two are "optimized" of our little hikers, Wynne who walked the entire 2.6 miles with only "substantial" whining and Mae who charmed everyone by walking about half of the way down with a backpack and walking stick, and the bottom panorama shows the horde of humanity that trudged up the trail to Laurel Falls this morning with us, complete with the asshat on the left who insisted on (illegally, banned in National Parks) buzzing us all with his drone as we attempted to herd kids away from the top of the falls. Still a beautiful day in the park and tons of Mountain Laurel and rhododendron blooming along the trail. #findyourpark #behindalltheotherpeople #greatsmokymountainsnationalpark #greatsmokymountains #laurelfalls