Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 05, 2016 at 07:15PM by advodna_dave

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I'd read something about this campground being mostly first come first served and figured we'd have no problem arriving on a Thursday. When we pulled up, however, the camp host at the kiosk told us "We only have one full hookup site available and just for one night." Turns out some other folks had come first and gotten served all the way through the weekend. Plus, we needed an extra site for @livingistheadventure and @h_livingistheadventure. I returned to the driver's seat defeated, started the car, and then thought, "Wait, full hookups?" I walked back sheepishly and asked for clarification. "Oh yeah, we definitely have *dry sites* available." Uh, okay. We then proceeded to discuss the length of each available site (at length), and I assured her I'd generally found listed driveway lengths to be a bit on the conservative side. And though I hung the bumper over the back wall, it was just to make room for @ruined.adventures tomorrow night and the 25 foot site I got for Heather and Kurt fit their 27' Airstream plus 18' truck. Okay, if you're still reading, you might be interested in this. We find that we have a 0.7 amp base draw while dry camping, mainly coming from the DC board on the fridge and the propane detector. Our JetPack pulls 0.3 amps and each LED puck light 0.1 amps (and each "bank" of lights has about 3 pucks). Our new Wilson 4G-M booster pulls a full amp. So just hanging out in the evening, we're using maybe 3 amps. When the furnace kicks on (it's in the mid 40's outside!), it adds almost 6 amps, but only runs intermittently. If we say it runs 20 mins out of every hour and we have it on from 6 pm until 9 am, it's responsible for 30 amp hours of battery capacity by morning. We'll also add 4 amps for an hour a night running the inverter to watch a show. Totaling it all up, we tend to burn 60-80 aH a day in colder weather (the higher number is largely the booster) and have about 180 ah of battery capacity. We'll see what we can get back via solar or (cringe) run the generator a couple hours in a couple days if needed. #airstream #liveriveted #myrivetedlife #rvpower #drycamping #techtalk