Friday, April 8, 2016

April 08, 2016 at 12:26PM by advodna_dave

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One more pic of my offline and sober #airganization bender while in the Swamp, this one of the "tech cabinet." The goal was to make room for the new WeBoost (formerly Wilson) 4G-M we picked up in Gainesville to replace the Wilson Sleek Universal. We were pretty satisfied with this simple cradle we'd used for a couple years, that is, until we realized that @livingistheadventure's more powerful booster was getting a lot more bars through the same antennas we had. While putting everything back together, I realized I could flip the wire rack everything had been resting on onto its side and use it as a mounting board to be cool like @telegramsam, @boldadventure and @_daveburns. Now, I can see the display on the JetPack at eye level and have easy access to switch between omni and directional roof antennas on the JetPack (upper left), the booster (upper right) and the Pepwave Surf-On-The-Go (lower right, internal network and wifi as WAN). Lower left is the Apple TV and a switched outlet strip in front that lets us select what's powered up when the inverter comes on. The JetPack and booster are powered off the DC splitter. Not super glamorous but a simple, relatively affordable and capable setup! #airstreamtech #rvtech #rvconnectivity