Friday, April 8, 2016

April 08, 2016 at 04:55AM by advodna_dave

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Between not having Internet for a few days and taking a week off drinking, I suddenly got a vision for how to tame our "bucket" of spices once and for all. Nothing at the ubiquitous Targets and Walmarts had fit the bill, either being designed to aim spices upward as in a drawer, needing a vertical surface to mount on a wall or needing too much counterspace to spin. And of course, none were designed to rattle down a dirt road (or Louisiana highway). My solution was a "stadium seating" design that would sit at eye level in the cabinet above our stove. We'd picked up a 24"x24" sheet of 1/4" birch plywood since the prospect of making long, straight cuts with the hand saw I have with me in anything thicker didn't sound like fun. To support the shelves, I drilled out a line of 1/4" holes and chiseled them into a slot where the tabbed ends of each shelf could poke through. Then I could dry fit everything together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle and put my sanding crew to work to make everything look nice(r). #childlabor The first idea was to cut wood pieces for the fronts of each shelf to keep the spices in place, but I also needed a way to keep the shelves from falling out of their slots. Yes, glue might have done it, but what fun is that? I twisted some wire around a washer and threaded it through a hole in one of the side pieces, across the front of the shelf and through a hole in the opposite one. A few twists on the other end and the shelves were sandwiched in place. Once I had two wires acting as a "fence"'in front of each shelf, it was starting to look a bit like and electrical experiment. I'd maximized the dimensions to hold as many spices as possible, but of course ended up having to trim it to actually fit through the cabinet opening. A cut with the handsaw in the darkness a few minutes before campground quiet time - of the side pieces and a little of my thumb - and it slid right into place. A few surreptitiously applied coats of a semi gloss Polycrylic spray the next day, and we had a big improvement to the kitchen and a reminder that I'm much less manic with access to beer and Internet. #airstreamkitchen #airstreamrenovation #spicingthingsup #airganization