Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 03, 2016 at 05:42PM by advodna_dave

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The water of the spring-fed Rainbow River is crystal clear. In a rented a canoe on a perfect afternoon, gliding upstream over a mix of sand and aquatic plants toward the headsprings, it felt like we could have been paddling in an aquarium complete with a variety of fish, turtles, diving birds and, yep, even an alligator. Oh, and a buncha other yahoos in pontoon boats and tubes, but it was absolutely beautiful. Another great day - sadly our last for about a month! - with the LITA family. @h_livingistheadventure @livingistheadventure #familytravel #travelwithkids #canoewithkids #paddlewithkids #burdontpaddleyourkids #rainbowsprings #rainbowriver #rainbowspringsstatepark #floridastateparks #therealflorida