Saturday, February 20, 2016

February 20, 2016 at 06:04PM by advodna_dave

Luckenbach, TX was founded in the mid 1800's, grew to almost 500 people by 1904 and was nearly abandoned by 1960. In fact, it was offered for sale in its entirety in a local paper for $30K in 1970 and its status as an independent municipality used by the new owner to allow it be operated as a music venue and drinking establishment. Upon our arrival, a gentleman with a mustache as wide as his hat holding the reins to a steer with horns wider than the truck that guy probably drove there in greeted us and asked where we were from. Without thinking, I quickly replied, "California." He overacted a dramatic winch and quipped "I wouldn't say that so loud around here if I were you." Oh, I quickly realized, we're being folksy. Got it! With two Shiner Bock longnecks in hand, we found a seat at one of the picnic tables under the oaks and watched a daring chicken flap and hop its way between the branches above us as the band launched into a series of Western swing classics. Between songs, the singer bantered "If you're not from here, this is the real Texas." Then added, "Don't judge us by Austin." Two strikes - I was a Californian who was really looking forward to visiting Austin. Easy now, I'd better be careful... 😬 Mae and I wandered into the gift shop where I found a wooden magnet burned with the town logo, perfect for our collection in the trailer, and brought it to the counter. "Well, that's a mighty fine little striped animal you got there," the cashier offered with a smile. Okay, this was my chance to blend in. Keep it light. Be folksy. I shifted Mae in her brightly striped dress over to my other hip and fired back, "Oh thanks! You know I've already taught her to walk and she even knows a few words but she's not house trained yet." Yes! Nailed it! With a perfect deadpan, he pointed to the striped stuffed kitty Mae was holding and said, "I was taking to her." #folkme #folkfail #imessedwithtexas #luckenbach #hillcountry #txhillcountry

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