Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 24, 2016 at 02:45PM by advodna_dave

This is a random story I was reminded about today... (yes, I'm still on a lot of drugs and we might postpone our flight yet again) Along a remote stretch of highway in the Yukon, we stopped at a pullout to make lunch for the kids. Afterwards, Wynne and I wandered a bit on either end of the trailer and noticed something pink in the dirt farther up the pullout. She ran forward and picked it up. It was a t-shirt. A women's V-neck in a pretty pink heather color. "Can I keep it?!" She asked. "Well, it's pretty dirty, and I think it looks a little big for you. Maybe it would fit mama? Plus, you already have one kinda like this." I reasoned, remembering a similar one we'd found for her in a kids thrift store. In fact, the pullout shirt was the size Ann would wear and in a brand that she liked. Score! Wynne was a little disappointed, so Ann offered that maybe we should just take it with us and wash it, and then they could both try it on later and see who it fit better. A week later, we dumped a clean bag of laundry out on the couch in the trailer for folding, and there on top of the pile was a pink heather V-neck in a toddler size - the one we'd gotten from the thrift store - on the top. Wynne grabbed for it immediately. "It *is* my size!!!" She was so excited, we couldn't bear to tell her it wasn't the same shirt. So instead, we told her the shirt was magic and would change sizes each time it was washed, so they could share it. 😜 Now, when both shirts happen to be in the wash, it just takes a bit of sleight of hand by whoever's doing the laundry to make sure they're never seen together, and the secret of the magic pullout shirt lives on! #lyingtochildren #airstream #liveriveted #myrivetedlife #myrivetingwife #familytravel #travelwithkids #airstreamwithkids #curbscore

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