Friday, January 22, 2016

January 22, 2016 at 06:54PM by advodna_dave

You are not going to believe the day we had... which is good because if you've read the last two posts you know that what you are about to read is completely fabricated, and we're actually still trapped in CA by a combination of a late Christmas in Tennessee and pink eye. The secure line triggered at 8:00 am sharp. I have it wired to a light in my wardrobe that I keep telling Ann just "gets fritzy" sometimes, but I know it's time to sneak into the rear streetside storage compartment that I've converted into a mobile com center. I told her once it's where I put the stinky slinky and she hasn't been near it since. I wasn't surprised to hear the voice of NASA communications director G. Michael Green on the other end of the line; We'd received his coded communications about the potential discovery of a 9th planet beyond Neptune via various media sources and figured it might be time for Project Interstellar Roadschool to commence. We briefed Wynne on the details: She would be in transit for exactly 9,121 days, a little over 24 years; Yes, a lot of it would be like "Miles from Tomorrowland," but unfortunately she would not be provided with a robotic, holographic, jet-pack-equipped ostrich as a sidekick (though she was free to build one for herself during the journey should she choose); and Finally, her mother would be insisting that she bring an extra sweatshirt in case the outer reaches of known space got chilly. The rendezvous was set for Trona Pinnacles, an out of the way dried up lake bed with convenient access to the massive China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station. The distinctive pinnacles would serve as a stand-in training ground for the next 6 years of mission prep and acquaint her with necessary techniques to analyze similar mineral structures should they be present on the distant gas giant. Mae was left to make dinner for the family all by herself - if I'm being honest, it wasn't great - while Wynne was being trained on a manned surface craft prototype that closely resembled a pink Strider bike. #mysocalledrivetedlife #airstream #myrivetedlife #liveriveted #tronapinnacles #milesfromtomorrowland #kidsinspace #ohanditsassifiedsomumstheword!

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