Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19, 2016 at 01:48PM by advodna_dave

It's a good news/bad news kinda day. So after a second long night of Mae not sleeping and coughing like a seal, it's confirmed she has croup which doesn't bode well for our red eye flight back to the trailer tomorrow. Postponing until Thursday, despite exorbitant change fees, may actually be a good thing since while removing a silver filling last week, the dentist cracked my tooth and now needs to squeeze me in on Weds afternoon for a crown. Then again, Massachusetts is expecting a foot of snow on Saturday which will only give me one day to get the trailer out of the soggy side yard and onto some pavement before getting trapped. Oh and on top of everything, the fridge at our VRBO broke last night spoiling all our food, and I just found out that my investment advisor - against my advice, but claiming to be "inspired by us" - just bought an '85 Westfalia camper van which now makes me question his judgement. But on the bright side, Wynne and I built a pretty sweet fort out of some blankets and the four file boxes I narrowed my memorabilia down to (one for each decade doesn't seem too bad), and we "homeschooled" by drawing pictures and writing the names of all the members of the Paw Patrol. I think our collaboration on Ryder came out pretty damn well! #goodnewsbadnews #brightside #travelwithkids #familytravel #croup #whenitrainsitpours #ohdidimentionitsraining

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